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for a Lifetime

A Middle School teacher addresses her class.


Our commitment to academic excellence means top-of-their-game teachers who prepare students for success as they navigate a rapidly-changing world — with 21st century skills that will help them answer complex questions, the ability to apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems and the cultural competence to be able to thrive in diverse environments. Durham Academy’s definition of rigor is deep, meaningful learning driven by student passion that allows them to develop a lifelong sense of purpose.  


Teaching and learning across Durham Academy's 14 grade levels are aligned by Transfer Goals that represent the consensus of faculty members in each department, from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.

Starting with these Transfer Goals — the skills that teachers expect DA students to carry with them to the next grade level, and eventually college and adulthood — our faculty have backward-designed each grade level of our curricula to ensure that essential skills are being developed. These guideposts are central to Durham Academy's mission to prepare students for moral, happy and productive lives.

Durham Academy Transfer Goals, Pre-K to Grade 12

Learning Support

Supporting the belief that students learn in different ways, our Learning Support Team provides tools and strategies to students, teachers and families to support diverse learning needs and facilitate a clear understanding of neurodiverse learning profiles.

Durham Academy's Learning Support team includes three full-time learning specialists and five learning support coaches.

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