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School Health

Durham Academy is committed to promoting and protecting the health of our students, and all faculty and staff play a part — from classroom teachers and advisors, to physical education instructors, athletic trainers and coaches.

This work is led by DA Health Director Hunter Babwah, a family nurse practitioner who works full-time at DA, with an office on the Middle School campus.

Hunter Babwah

Hunter Babwah

Health Director
B.S.N., UNC-Chapel Hill
M.S.N., Spring Arbor University

In addition to being available to assess and treat acute health concerns among students and faculty, Babwah assesses Durham Academy's current protocols and identifies gaps, overlaps and opportunities to improve communication, training and systems for supporting health and wellness.

The health director also manages student health information. For any student that has a chronic health condition (i.e. anaphylactic allergies, asthma, seizures, diabetes, paraplegia, heart conditions, JRA, or others), she will work with them, their family, and their teachers to ensure they are well cared for, adequately accommodated, and safe while on campus. 

Each year, all members of Durham Academy's faculty and staff receive training to ensure that they are ready to respond in the event of a diabetic emergency or a life-threatening allergic reaction. The health director also offers faculty and staff routine education regarding how to respond to seizures, cardiac emergencies, and potential opioid overdoses. 

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