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Students in each of Durham Academy's four school divisions benefit from a school counselor dedicated to their mental, emotional and social well-being.

The four counselors work to build relationships with all students, and help plan and collaborate with teachers on programming related to social-emotional learning in group settings.

  • In the Preschool, the counselor visits the main classrooms to provide support to individual students and reinforce important social-emotional themes.
  • In the Lower School, social-emotional topics are discussed through classes with the counselor, classroom Morning Meetings and Lower School assemblies.
  • In the Middle and Upper Schools, social-emotional topics are delivered through advisory programming and assemblies or grade-level class meetings.

All social-emotional topics are age-appropriate by division and cover themes such as identifying and regulating emotions and navigating relationships.

The role of the counselor is to enhance communication between students, their families and the school; to provide consultation regarding mental health and behavioral issues; to offer referrals to outside therapeutic professionals; and to communicate with those professionals in order to best serve the needs of the student. Counselors are also available for short-term counseling sessions with students and serve as a resource for teachers and parents with students who may be struggling behaviorally, socially or emotionally. Any student may seek out, be referred to, or receive counseling from the school counselor at their division at any time.

Counseling Team