Honors Assembly Recognizes Achievements of Students in Grades 9–11

Durham Academy Upper School faculty honored more than 40 ninth-, 10th- and 11th-graders for academic achievement, effort and enthusiasm at the annual honors assembly on May 20.

Awards were given to students in the following categories:

Joseph C. Farmer III Memorial Award: Claire Ridley

This award recognizes a rising senior "for enthusiasm, warmth, sensitivity, citizenship, academic and physical achievement."

Heritage Award: Aram Lindroth

This scholarship recognizes a rising senior "who exemplifies three specific qualities valued but not often publicly acknowledged by Durham Academy: creativity in self-expression or approaches to problem solving; energy, the ability to bring enthusiasm and vitality to an array of endeavors in and out of the classroom; and dedication to the work ethic, the fine balance that allows a student to make commitments to extracurricular activities while meeting the demands of his/her course work."

Deans' Awards:

  • Grade 9: Chaz Strickland
  • Grade 10: Caroline Aldridge
  • Grade 11: Seb Lascola

This award recognizes students who exemplify DA's mission of helping students to live "moral, happy and productive lives." The award honors students who show dedication to not only doing their best, but also being their best.

Technology Awards

  • Department Award: Christos Polzak
  • Brumley Award: Fiona Jenkins

Science Awards

  • Biology: Aadesh Anchaliya and Sarah Shi
  • Chemistry: Abby Hulka
  • Cole Award (Physics): Will Scurria

History Awards

  • Grade 9: William Biersach
  • Grade 10: Megan Corey
  • Grade 11: Will Nichols

English Awards

  • English 9: John Kutney
  • English 10: Mira Pickus
  • English 11: Madeleine Genova

Arts Awards

  • Theatre: Emily Norry
  • Dance: Julia Phu
  • Visual Art: Andria Shafer
  • Music: Carl May
  • Appel Award (Photography): Alex Hogue

Math Awards

  • Algebra 1: Matthew Woodard
  • Geometry: Haley Fogg
  • Algebra 2: Sarah Ridley
  • Precalculus: Sophia Benjamin
  • Statistics: Matthew Chang
  • Calculus: Mac Hays

Language Awards

  • Spanish 1: Zoe Sinclair
  • Spanish 2: Mary Mungai
  • Spanish 3: Emily Gao
  • Spanish 4: Chris Burkhard
  • Advanced Spanish: Isabelle Nambo
  • AP Spanish Language: Claire Middleton
  • French 3: Teresa Ibeanu
  • French 4: Lili Gordon
  • AP French: Hayden Goss
  • Francophone Literature: Esme Longley
  • Chinese 1: Ally Fox
  • Chinese 2: Maggie Wittman
  • Chinese 3: Brooke Adams
  • Latin 1: Aaliya Wines
  • Latin 2: Avery Davisdson
  • Latin 3: Maggie Chambliss
  • Advanced Latin: Matthew Schwartz