Calendar Subscriptions Offer Simple Way to Stay Organized

By using Durham Academy's iCal calendar subscriptions, parents, faculty and students can easily add continually updated event feeds to their calendar client of choice with just a few clicks. You may add as many or as few calendars — ranging from your child's class schedule or assignments, to division-specific activities and athletic team schedules, to Middle and Upper School rotational calendars — as you wish to any calendar client that accepts iCal feeds.

Locating iCal Feeds of Interest

There are two places where you can find iCal feeds, depending on your needs:

  • Veracross offers iCal feeds that are specific to your child, from his or her class assignments, class schedules and some extracurricular activities.
  • offers a variety of iCal feeds that are not specific to any one student. Rather, these calendars include dates for entire divisions, athletic teams and groups.

To locate Veracross iCal feeds, follow these instructions:

  • Log into your Veracross Parent Portal at Look for the green "Subscribe to Calendars" button under "School Links" on the right.

  • If you prefer to use Google Calendar, you may check the "Subscribe Using Google Calendar" to have all subscription links use Google Calendar automatically. If you prefer to use a different calendar application, you can find the iCal link by clicking "Subscribe" beside your desired calendar(s), which will bring up an iCal URL. If you are using an Apple device, you can choose to subscribe via this dialogue box. If not, you may simply copy the iCal URL and enter it in your desired calendar application.

To locate iCal feeds, follow these instructions:

  • Go to and look for the gray feeds button in the upper-right corner above the calendar. Click this gray button to bring up a list of available calendars.
  • From the list, locate a calendar feed that you'd like to import (scroll down for athletics calendars), and click the green "iCal" button on the right side. For most users, the most useful option is "Get Standard iCal URL." Clicking any of the options will bring up a URL, which you should copy for pasting into your preferred calendar client.


Entering iCal Feeds into Your Calendar Client

As each calendar client accepts iCal feeds differently, instructions provided by a few of the most popular calendar clients are linked below.
Google Calendar
Apple (iCloud) Calendar
Outlook Calendar