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Lower School math specialist Emily Pyron firmly believes everyone can be a “math person.” With that in mind, she and Lower School Director Carolyn Ronco wanted to find ways to bring math enrichment activities to all students. Their solution is Cavalier Challenge, a completely voluntary opportunity open to all third- and fourth-graders.

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In her new role as student development and career exploration counselor, Lori Reade is introducing students to a range of real-life opportunities including professional work experiences, internships and potential career paths, and building a network of parents, alumni and community members who support students with opportunities for résumé building and career exploration.

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The entire Durham Academy community — students of all ages, parents, faculty, staff and alumni — is invited to gather the evening of Feb. 23 for DA’s first-ever Sustain-In. It’s an opportunity to work together to learn about our school’s carbon emissions and develop creative solutions to reduce them.

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