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Salad on the floor, beef stew on bus seats, grease-stained shirts, torn paper flower decorations — these were some of the messes made by the seventh-grade class as they planned, shopped for, cooked and served a meal for 250 people in the community café at Urban Ministries of Durham.

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Since my arrival on July 2, my primary goal has been to listen and learn. Because much of my work happens with students, faculty and administrators, we are in constant communication about what I’m hearing and discovering about DA.

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Integrity. It is a value we uphold. We want our family, friends, teachers, students, coaches, leaders to act with integrity. Integrity means being honest, moral, decent, fair. Because the word comes from the Latin integer, integrity also means being whole, consistent, true to values, true to self.

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Some of the most rewarding moments in my day are revealed when a student takes something that exists, an idea or a curious question and creates something new. That perspective may not show up on a pencil-and-paper test, a timed test, or an assignment in which he or she is momentarily demonstrating proficiency.

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The concept of kindness is one that I have enjoyed contemplating throughout my personal and professional life, particularly with my students and advisees. Kindness is woven into many behaviors, actions and thoughts. A large portion of the humane side of being human is rooted in kindness.

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While the massive steel beams of our new Upper School STEM + Humanities Center are the most conspicuous things on campus these days, I’m grateful that our students, alumni and parents never forget what really makes DA strong.

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