Hershey Distinguished Faculty Award Winners

In 1988, an anonymous donor established a fund to provide an annual cash prize to the recipient of the F. Robertson Hershey Distinguished Faculty Award. This award promotes excellence in teaching and in assisting students to achieve worthwhile goals, both in terms of academics and lifelong values.

Award recipients represent the best in teaching at Durham Academy by:

  • inspiring enthusiasm in the classroom and encouraging academic aspiration
  • demonstrating sensitivity to the academic and personal needs of the individual student
  • encouraging and supporting the efforts of colleagues
  • promoting the cooperation of a broad spectrum of the DA community, and
  • contributing to school life outside the classroom.
2022 Dr. Cindy Moore, Middle School Learning Specialist
2021 Jordan Adair, Upper School English and Art History
2020 Susan Ellis, Middle School Physical Education
2019 Jessica Whilden, Kindergarten
2018 Mike Spatola, Upper School History
2017 Karen Lovelace, Second Grade
2016 Gib Fitzpatrick, Middle School Math
2015 Owen Bryant, Upper School History
2014 Lyn Streck, Lower School Science
2013 Teresa Engebretsen, Middle School French
2012 Glynis Hill-Chandler, Dean of Students, Hill Learning Center
2011 Margarita Throop, Upper School Spanish
2010 Jim McGivney, Middle School Math
2009 Virginia Hall, Middle School History
2008 Edith Keene, Upper School Latin
2007 Anita Shore, Level Coordinator (K-5), Hill Learning Center
2006 Libby Lang, Second Grade
2005 Verle Regnerus, Upper School Math
2004 Jan Lamb, Upper School and Hill Learning Center
2003 Tim Dahlgren, Middle School History
2002 Debbie Suggs, First Grade
2001 Marian Saffo-Cogswell, Second Grade
2000 Robert Wilson, Middle School Math
1999 Sheppy Vann, Preschool Director/Teacher
1998 Gail Walker, Middle School Language Arts
1997 Michael Ulku-Steiner, Upper School Spanish and English
1996 Annette Munson, Middle School Language Arts
1995 Sara Gray Wiley Horne, Level Coordinator (5-8), Hill Learning Center
1994 Dennis Cullen, Upper School Math
1993 Kathy Pause, Lower School Music
1992 Robert Singdahlsen, Upper School Theatre and Counselor
1991 Louis Parry, Upper School Science
1990 Dick Forringer, Middle School Math
1989 Sarah Parry, Middle School Language Arts