Our mission to prepare students for moral, happy, productive lives means DA is as committed to developing our students’ moral compass as we are to developing their intellect.

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preschool classroom

The Preschool is the happiest place on campus.

Caring, committed teachers nurture every child to support academic success and cultivate curiosity, creativity and compassion.

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lower school science

Students in first through fourth grade are explorers.

Talented teachers inspire confidence as children delight in discovery, becoming published authors, researchers, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists.

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middle school campus

Middle School students have a home that is an oasis for adolescence.

Dedicated teachers guide students through their academic, social and emotional journeys from 10-year-olds to teenagers.

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upper school robotics

Upper School students are preparing for a brilliant future.

Inspiring teachers provide innovative, unique academic and extracurricular experiences to help students reach their full potential at DA, in college and beyond.

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The DA Graduate: Principles, Passion, Purpose.

Jason Lapidus ’15

Division I Student-Athlete

“I cannot remember walking away from a one-on-one conversation with a DA teacher without thinking that, at that moment, they truly cared for me.”

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Nick Gallo ’06

NBA Reporter & Producer

“The friendships I made, the teachers I had and the challenges I faced all helped shape me into a person who hopefully approaches my profession with humility, my colleagues with respect and my family with care.”

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Sarah Treem '98

Golden Globe-Winning Television Showrunner

"DA was very, very good to me while I was there. They let me do almost anything ... write and direct my own plays, edit the newspaper, sing in the musicals (I can't sing), run for the track team (I can't run) ..."

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Samantha Everette '03

Shoe Designer

"I met a lot of people in college that were too intimidated to talk with their professors. ... I feel like the communication skills that I learned at DA afford me the confidence to speak to everybody."

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Why do our parents say that Durham Academy is undoubtedly the right choice for their children? Experience the everyday extraordinary of DA for yourself!

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Frances Dowell has been writing since she learned how to put words on paper — poems, short stories, essays, novels, nonfiction. The little girl who grew up to become an award-winning author remembers writing “500 brillant beginnings that were never finished.” That’s one of the reasons why she is so passionate about helping young writers “get through that first draft all the way to the end."

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