After making an enormous impact on Durham Academy during their time here, our newest alumni are headed off to 74 colleges and universities as unique as they are.

Meet the Class of 2023

Members of Durham Academy's Class of 2023 exit Memorial Hall at Commencement.


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Preschool teacher with students

The Preschool is the happiest place on campus.

Caring, committed teachers nurture every child to support academic success and cultivate curiosity, creativity and compassion.

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First-grade students

Students in first through fourth grade are explorers.

Talented teachers inspire confidence as children delight in discovery, becoming published authors, researchers, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists.

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Middle Schoolers working on science project outdoors

Middle School students have a home that is an oasis for adolescence.

Dedicated teachers guide students through their academic, social and emotional journeys from 10-year-olds to teenagers.

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Upper School teacher holding outdoor class

Upper School students are preparing for a brilliant future.

Inspiring teachers provide innovative, unique academic and extracurricular experiences to help students reach their full potential at DA, in college and beyond.

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The DA Graduate: Principles, Passion, Purpose.

Brendan Bradley ’01

Entrepreneur, Writer, Actor & Filmmaker

“Going back to my roots at Durham Academy, my introduction to the entertainment industry as a business ... was the entrepreneurial, self-generative spirit of you've got to make your own career.”

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Marco Reyes ’10

Clinical Research Coordinator

“Durham Academy taught me to think globally while acting locally. In the classrooms, my teachers taught us about the effects that our actions have on the world.”

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Tara Nagar ’14

Software Engineer

“Ultimately, I was drawn to the impact I would be able to make in the company and the impact that the company could have on the world. ... ”

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Faith Couch ’15

Photographer &
Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree

“It's not about telling a story that's projected onto me. It's about telling my own story, through my own eyes, how I see it.”

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Lower School math specialist Emily Pyron firmly believes everyone can be a “math person.” With that in mind, she and Lower School Director Carolyn Ronco wanted to find ways to bring math enrichment activities to all students. Their solution is Cavalier Challenge, a completely voluntary opportunity open to all third- and fourth-graders.

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